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NEWS! We are currently on the move to British Columbia. The Shop, Cleaning Adventures and Custom Orders are currently C l o s e d.

Our roots are soaring and ready to be planted shortly, Will be back soon! 



Sunroot Aromatics is a spirited expression of a woman who wanders down the crooked path of vibrancy and shadow. Specializing in conjured topical medicines she is often found with her nose in a book formulating remedies, admiring plants or stirring a pot of wildcrafted herbal oil..with baby on her hip of course.
From Western Canada to the East Coast Jenifer resides (for now) in Carp, Ontario with her family. "Our roots aren't yet planted as we continue the journey in search of hearth, land and community" 

Jenifer began this journey many years ago. She was a small girl who loved to run through the old farm fields of Ontario smelling every wild flower her little nose could reach. She still remembers exactly how sweet the tall grasses smelled in the middle of a hot summer's afternoon while twirling through a sea of milkweed. She remembers pulling the tall sunflowers down from the blue sky to press her face right into the centre. ••••••••• Wandering through the lands of forest and meadow she delicately harvests flowers, wild plants, tree foliage and sustainably sourced herbs for a beautiful healing experience. Essential oils are precious and often viewed as the window to a plant's soul. The oils used are ethically chosen for potency and with the perspective that less is more. Prescribed blends in the form of topical remedy or natural incense are hand crafted with intention, deep study and a holistic approach to Aromatherapy.

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