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*C h i l l y Bones* Ritual Soak Herb Bath Salts

*C h i l l y Bones* Ritual Soak Herb Bath Salts

*C h i l l y Bones* is an aromatic herbal remedy to turn to when you are feeling a little under the weather. You may perhaps have a few chills running up and down your spine with a rattling cough and a sore nose from the tissue box that is tucked under your aching arm. You are invited to step into a beautiful warm bath infused with decongestant herbal organics to gently guide you back to the days when your energy was shining brightly with vitality.

A few key ingredients:

Pinus strobus (white pine sprig) is said that the inner bark and resins to be a healing wonder for coughs, bronchitis, laryngitis and chest congestion.

Eucalyptus Globulus (eucalyptus leaf) used in a number of preparations to relieve symptoms associated with common cold like cough lozenges and inhalants. The vapor when inhaled appears to act as a decongestant and may also act as an expectorant for loosening phlegm and easing congestion.

Echinacea purpurea (echinacea flower) The plant has a general stimulatory effect on the immune system and is widely used in modern herbal treatments... She is beautiful, gentle and considered to be one of the most effective detoxicant in western herbal medicine.

Picea rubens (red spruce sprig) has been used in the case of the common cold, lung complaints, throat problems and congestion.

Botanical Green Tea can reduce inflammation in skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff; contains vitamin A, which is known for its power to improve the texture of your skin.


Introducing the Salts!


Pink Himalayan: A natural stress reliever with a high vibrational frequency, this salt remedy has been utilized for centuries to purify, cleanse, protect and dispell negativity in many spiritual and traditional rituals. For the physical body the minerals from the salt are absorbed through the skin while toxins and negative energy are released back into the water.

It is said that after bathing with this beautiful salt you are left feeling lighter and emotionally balanced.


Dead Sea Salt: Salt extracted from the therapeutic dead sea which is a rich source of minerals and natural salts: The key minerals include Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium, as well as a Chloride and Bromide. Benefits include: skin hydration, cleanses wounds, soothes chronic skin conditions, relieves arthritis, lowers inflammation, relaxes sore muscles, improves circulation and boosts the emotions.


Epsom Salt: Also known as, Magnesium Sulfate which is a chemical compound made up of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen. The reported health benefits include: provides our body with magnesium, promotes sleep and relaxation, excercise recovery, reduces pain and inflammation.


Essential Oil Blend: Abies balsamea (balsam fir), Laurus nobilis (laurel leaf)


Therapeutic Properties: Airborne antimicrobial, decongestant, fever reducing, helps with muscle spasms, analgesic, soothes sore throats and bronchial cough


Energetic Qualities: Uplifts the mind and thoughts, W a r m i ng, helps focus attention and concentration, boosts confidence, grounding, promotes feelings of love.


Caution: Do not Ingest


Usage: scoop 2 tbl of blend into warm bath, allow the salts to dissolve and Enjoy!


Ingredients: dead seasalt, pink salt, epsom salt, sodium bicarbonate, Abies balsamea (balsam fir), Laurus nobilis (laurel leaf), green tea extract, Eucalyptus Globulus (eucalyptus leaf) ,Picea rubens (red spruce sprig), Echinacea purpurea (echinacea flower), Pinus strobus (white pine sprig)

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