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Self-Love Bundle

Self-Love Bundle

" Take a Deep Breath and Set your Wishes Free "


Life is wild! And It's true that at times we forget to nourish our mind, body and spirit.

The less we give ourselves, the more anxious and run down we begin to feel.

I invite you to embark on the quest of Self-Love through slowing down with the use of beautiful aromatic remedies. A few times each week, take a moment to connect with your heart.

You deserve it!

Swim in bliss with our ritual bath salts or close your eyes in meditation to connect with the sacred plants used in our incense blends; Before bed, don't forget to hydrate your skin with Carrot Rose Face Cream.. The choice is yours!


The Self-Love Bundle includes your choice of:


1 Ritual Soak Bath Salt

1 Sacred Incense Blend

1 Aromatic Remedy


Here is a little description of each remedy blend:


The Aromatic Herbal Bath Salts


1. *Winter S u n* Ritual Soak Herb Bath Salts

:::::: Organic sunflower petals, Sea Buckthorn, lemon/orange essential oils and a cute little blood orange to promote feelings of Bliss, Joy and Light-Heartedness.


2. *C a l m Bloom* Ritual Soak Bath Salts

:::::: In times when you need to run yourself a floral infused rosehip salt bath to ponder, recharge, cleanse and meditate.


3. *C h i l l y Bones* Ritual Soak Herb Bath Salts

:::::: An aromatic herbal remedy to turn to when you are feeling a little under the weather.


Sunroot Apothecary: Aromatic Remedies


1. *Ocean Dream* Mineral Seaweed Facial Mask

::::::dry blend consisting of powdered Rhassoul Clay, French Red Clay and Botanical Seaweed.


2. *Sleepy Time* Topical Magnesium Spray

::::: Just a few blissful sprays before bedtime. intended to calm and nourish, while providing you with a wide range of restorative therapeutic properties.


3. *Immortality* Reishi Face Cream

::::This deeply moving topical remedy is intended to nourish, tighten and rejuvenate the skin;


4. *Muscle E a s e* Wildcrafted Balm

:::: Is an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic blend that provides warmth to help relax muscle tension, sore joints and spasms caused by overexertion, nervous tension and arthritis.


5. *G o l d e n* Herbal Body Oil

::::: A special harmonious remedy for those who feel a little sad, a little down and perhaps need a little lift.


6. *Carrot R o s e* Jojoba Face Cream

:::: An intensive face cream that has evolved over the past ten years with extensive research on various cicatrisant (skin healing) natural ingredients.


7. *Skin R e s c u e* Wildcrafted Balm

::::A luxurious topical remedy for dry, cracked and chapped skin caused by the fridged environment of winter.


Sacred Incense Blends

(Each package contains 12 hand crafted incense cones, an herbal blend for magickal endeavors and mixed sunflower seeds to plant in the spring.)


1. *Dragon F i r e* Resin Infused Natural Incense

::::A passionate and energizing cone blend infused with a strong brew of dragon's blood resin elixir.


2. *Elven F o r e s t* Moss Agate Incense

::::A playful woodland incense blend that celebrates the forest worshipping Moss Folk.


3. *D r e a m Weaver* Amethyst Infused Natural Incense

::::A calming and slightly sedating cone blend infused with; Amethyst Quartz Crystal Full Moon Elixir.


4. *Heart S p i r a l* Rose Elixir Natural Incense

::::A deeply mystical remedy to aid in one's emotionally saturated endevours.


5. *Witch's R o o t* Moss Agate Luna Incense

::::A grounding cone blend infused with; Green Moss Agate Full Moon Elixir


6. A s s o r t e d Natural Cone Incense

::::Wrapped with care, for you and yours to enjoy!

••○●●●Assortment Includes●●●○ || Witch's R o o t, Dragon F i r e, Heart S p i r a l, E l v e n Forest, Dream W e a v e r


7. *Mystical* Loose Granola Incense

::::A powerful tool used in rhythmic healing meditation and ritual to transform difficult situations into experiences where wisdom, strength and will power can be discovered.

* To be safely burned on hot charcoal or in a candle lit incense burner *

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